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Cloudstreet is a leading IT company creating solutions that enhance the competitiveness of Government and Business sectors in the Northern Territory. 

  • Through our professional recruitment solutions, we source and attract talents to join our team.
  • Flexible Microsoft-accredited training packages are tailored to develop key skills for both graduates and expert-level participants.
  • Clients seeking support to develop cutting-edge, future-ready IT outcomes benefit from our delivery of peak consulting expertise.
  • Advanced solutions delivered by our consultants often demand high-level skills, especially when integrating with legacy systems.

What is Cloudstreet?

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What We Do


We provide excellent recruitment services to our clients and candidates. We are committed to delivering quality in every aspect of our business, from a personalised approach to candidate selection to our ethical practice of providing a completely transparent process throughout.

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As Darwin's fastest-growing Microsoft Learning Partner, we align ourselves with Microsoft Learning Worldwide. Our offerings include Online Technology Learning and Innovative Hands-On platforms. We also deliver Future-Ready Microsoft Technology Courses along with comprehensive Hands-On Labs.

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Our team consists of experts and well-trained professionals to provide consulting services of the highest quality. We help you achieve your strategic and business objectives by providing consulting services in Cloud, Analytics & Engineering, Security, Developing Applications and IT Outsourcing.

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Integrated Solutions

Often the best solutions mean that several different software solutions need to be combined to produce the best results. This process of bringing together different software and engineering solutions is what Cloudstreet means when we offer integrated solutions to problems.

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Why Choose Us

Result Oriented

In the end, all that matters to you as a client is that you get the results you want and need. We ensure confidence that you are fully involved in getting the results you want.

Client Focused

Listening to your needs guides us in crafting services and solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your requirements.


We offer experienced and highly skilled professionals who put together services and leading-edge solutions for you to achieve your objectives.

Effective Synergy

When skilled professionals blend leading technologies and concepts to deliver solutions and services tailored to your needs, magic happens.

Honesty & Integrity

We demonstrate transparency and accountability throughout our practices and we act strictly within the law, staying on top of workforce regulations to provide safe and compliant services.

Industry Certified

Our industry professionals hold industry accreditation and certifications, ensuring their capability to deliver the latest products and services.


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Our Clients

About Cloudstreet

Cloudstreet, a Darwin-based company, excels in delivering Recruitment, Consulting, Training, and Integrated Solutions.

In our recruitment program, we uphold a commitment to excellence across every facet of our business. This commitment is evident in our personalized approach to candidate selection and our ethical practice of ensuring a completely transparent process.

Cloudstreet’s consulting services are provided by accredited professionals who deliver tailored solutions. These solutions involve the integration of cutting-edge software and carefully designed strategies to meet your specific requirements.

As the premier Microsoft Learning Partner experiencing rapid growth in Darwin, we forge connections with Microsoft Learning Worldwide. This affiliation empowers us to offer a range of training options, including Online Technology Learning and Innovative Hands-On Labs platforms, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and powerful learning experiences.


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