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Integrated Solutions

Effective solutions to complex problems that Business and Government face requires careful assessment and negotiation with the users to see what the best solutions would be. In our experience, the best solutions rarely means using only one kind of software or engineering solution. Often the best solutions mean that several different software solutions need to be combined to produce the best results. This process of bringing together different software and engineering solutions is what Cloudstreet means when we offer integrated solutions to problems.

There are many legacy systems that still operate in Business and Government which are failing to meet current needs for data management, extraction of reports and effective information retrieval. Some simple examples could include the replacement of multiple databases (such as Access) and ad-hoc reporting systems with integrated solutions that might include any of the following: Dynamics 365, Data & AI, Modern Workplace and Office 365. Most recently, Cloudstreet developed an app for a utilities corporation that delivered complex reporting via simple smartphone interface. This app is a good example of integrating solutions to perform complex tasks yet present a simple to operate smartphone screen.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate ICT professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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We work with leaders in Business and Government who need effective future-ready systems and solutions to their data needs.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Modern businesses run on data. From entering time for payroll to seeking guidance on existing processes, and analyzing data to make decisions, users interact daily with data. With today’s technology-driven world, users are empowered to gain insights from and interact with data but can also automate menial tasks that seem more burdensome than a task at hand. The Microsoft Power Platform enables and empowers your business to build solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology to help everyone, from the CEO to front-line employees, drive business growth through data.

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Connectors enable you to connect apps, data, and devices in the cloud. Consider connectors the bridge across which information and commands travel. There are more than 275 connectors for Microsoft Power Platform, enabling all of your data and actions to connect cohesively. Examples of popular connectors include Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, and more.

AI Builder lets users and developers add AI capabilities to the workflows and Power Apps they create and use. AI Builder is a turnkey solution that allows you to easily add intelligence to your workflows and apps and predict outcomes to help improve business performance without writing code.

Microsoft Dataverse is a scalable data service and app platform which lets users securely store and manage data from multiple sources and integrate that data in business applications using a common data model to ensure ease and consistency to users. Microsoft Dataverse is the common currency that enables the components of Microsoft Power Platform to work together. It’s the foundation that enables the consolidation, display, and manipulation of data.


Elegant map-driven business workflow and Rich field data collection on any smart device. Built and Hardened in the NT, and ready for the Rest of the World.

  • Seamless Workflow Management: No more paper forms, going real-time fieldwork conducted within several touches.
  • Richfield Data Collection & Capture: Data and Asset management requires a flexible platform that allows you to track performance, plan maintenance and manage them.
  • Online & Offline Operations: A few easy steps will help you capture and submit media, form data, signatures, GPS information, and more. Both online and offline modes make it easy to capture data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Significant Productivity Gains: Streamline the entire field service workflow and gain productivity: scheduling jobs, managing assets and conducting inspections.
  • Rapid Return on Investment: Our record-keeping and processes are ensuring that you and your contractors are doing exactly what you and they are paid for.

AI Darwin

Strategy development

AI Darwin have been rolling up our sleeves in the Territory, Australia and Internationally since 2017. Our experience helps you to harness the power of your data to improve your operations, engage customers, empower your employees, and transform your products and services.

Whether it be the fast-changing response needs of COVID in the big cities or the remoteness of Australia’s Kakadu, East Arnhem or Davao Philippines, we have the smarts to help you unlock the value of your Data. Our projects have included Microsoft Azure Industry Data Models, Energy Analytics, Power BI Training and Solution Accelerators, National Language Processing, Permit System Intelligence, Computer Vision Drone Photography, Cloud solutions, and Data Governance with Azure Purview and Machine Learning.

Our Microsoft, Google and AWS certified trainers and engineers are ready for 2022 and passionate about making a difference in your business.

Range of markets
Power BI

A series for businesses who may have previous experience with Excel and reporting tools, showing you how to master Power BI, Power PI Paginated report or Power BI Admin.


Walk attendees through how to write Microsoft SQL Server Queries and the development of rich queries that you can use to discover data. 

Synapse Analytics

Empower data architects and BI developers with the technical knowledge required to design an enterprise BI solution that uses Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. 

Azure Purview

Azure Purview helps organisations create a unified data map of this prized resource.  This empowers data architects and governance officers with real Purview environments.

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