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Most of us have our head in the clouds when it comes to technology, but today good cloud-based IT is sound business, saving you time, money and effort.

Darwin-based Cloudstreet Consulting is creating Territory-hardened IT technology that not just operates effectively across the Territory’s remotest regions, but is conquering the United States. The company, established in 2011 to run the whole-of-Government accounting and payroll systems, today prides itself on producing some of the most innovative dashboards and apps for the NT and the world.

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IT Outsourcing

Trust Cloudstreet Consulting with your mission-critical technology needs to simplify and optimise the IT estate. We'll help you make a clear path towards adopting cloud services. Our proven tools and techniques, honed from our recruitment experience, will lower your operating cost by 30 percent.

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Cloudstreet Consulting is your trusted partner to help you modernise and accelerate mission-critical applications that support business agility. With both custom development & packaged software solutions, we can ensure resiliency for new product launches with minimal disruption in the process.

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Cloudstreet provides a balanced approach to managing your workloads and applications across the enterprise by providing on-premises, as well cloud infrastructure. With our Cloud Right approach, we can help you make the right technology investments at a time that is optimal for your business.

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Analytics & Engineering

With our data-driven solutions, you can unlock the power of analytics and automate operations. You'll also have access to world-class human centered design services that will help create motivational products or services for your customers.

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Cloudstreet Consulting's security services can help you assess risk and proactively address all facets of your environment, from threat intelligence to compliance. They leverage proven methodologies with intelligent automation in a way that is tailored specifically for each business need - providing peace-of mind when it matters most.

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Strategic & tactical consulting

For Governments and Businesses in education, health, industry, communication, remote surveillance and more, accessible information and cloud technology played a significant role in fighting the epidemic.

Cloud technology helps employees, employers and businesses collaborate and communicate safely in a remote environment and ensures chats, interacting and tracking work from anywhere is secure.

Good cloud-based IT is sound business, saving you time, money and effort — precisely what Darwin-based Cloudstreet Consulting offers and where it excels.

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