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EPS Graduate Pathway Program

The EPS Graduate Pathway Program provides an excellent opportunity for contracted IT Graduates to gain on-the-job skills and relevant work experience in a corporate IT project environment. This is an excellent opportunity for collaboration between the local IT industry such as Cloudstreet Consulting (as employers) and DCDD Enterprise Project Services (as the client) to build a capable industry talent pipeline to support a sustainable and professional IT workforce servicing the Northern Territory. The portfolio of projects and programs within the EPS Division affords an opportunity to develop new capability across a range of IT project streams.

Experience is essential to help you grow professionally and provides you with continuous development of skills and knowledge – learning is lifelong! A Graduate services contract with EPS provides you with a challenging, hands-on opportunity in a dynamic and fast-paced IT project setting.

The Program is up to three years (one year minimum) in rolling graduate to junior professional services contracts under the progressive title of Digital Officer, Level 1, 2 and 3 within your allocated area of duty (eg: Digital Officer, Level 1 – software development). The experience overall provides you with a highly competitive capability and knowledge base for future contracted opportunities to EPS as well as the local broader IT industry (or other major industry projects).

Program structures

Year 1 - 12 months
Level 1, graduate services
Year 2 - 12 months
Level 2, graduate services
Year 3 - 12 months
Level 3, junior professional services

A minimum 12 month commitment with potential for up to a cumulative three years in total consisting of services contracts between EPS and the service provider.

The objectives is to provide on-the-job professional work experience to Graduates, working with service providers in fostering and growing IT Industry talent and expertise. 

EPS delivers high-value, complex business system and IT project solutions for the NT Government and is able to support opportunities for hands-on professional work experience in areas including (but not limited to):

  • Business Analysis, Programming and Software Development, System Analysis, IT Infrastructure, Test Analysis, Data and Technical Analysis
  • Project Administration and Scheduling, Project Coordination and Management, Systems Training and Development, Change Analysis and Communications

EPS Expectations

About Enterprise Project Services

Enterprise Project Services (EPS) delivers business solutions for agencies through structured programs/projects and initiatives, utilizing industry-standard project management frameworks.

EPS is a Division within the Northern Territory Governments Department of Corporate and Digital Development (DCDD). DCDD delivers corporate, enterprise and information management services to all government agencies.

In managing IT projects and programs across the NT Government, EPS’ primary objectives are:

  • supporting whole of sector with transforming business challenges into efficient and effective digital solutions
  • ensuring business solutions and initiatives are successfully delivered within a strategic framework which supports whole of sector goals
  • working in collaboration to co-design, with key stakeholders, business transformation decisions
    including benefits realization
  • providing the full life cycle management and delivery of digital business solutions including, feasibility studies, formal business case developments and solution deliveries
  • providing digital business solution health check reviews
  • delivering complete procurement, contract and vendor management services for the project lifecycle

Our Graduates

“There were a couple of things that drew me to a career in tech. One of them is the fact that it's a rapidly growing industry. Something new is happening every single day."

solutions training courses recruiting consulting NT darwin government
Amanda Web Developer

"I would describe the culture in my team as being extremely supportive. They're always available for me to ask them questions."

solutions training courses recruiting consulting NT darwin government
Ryan Data Analyst Associate

"The Program has provided me with a manager and mentor who both give me full autonomy on the projects I am working on and provide me with coaching."

Emily Business Analyst

Reach out to our team If you are in the final semester or recently graduated and are interested in applying to EPS Graduate Program, do not hesitate to contact us through this form:


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